Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) Industrial Chemistry


The Industrial Chemistry Program, the FIST’s first program, has entered its seventh year. With continuous improvement of the courses and contents based on feedback from industries FIST is committed to ensure high standard and relevance of this program to provide skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the related sectors.


 PEO1 Possess competency in industrial chemistry and innovative applications
 PEO2 Possess high level of professionalism, responsive towards commercial and social issues
 PEO3 Competent in analysis, research and development global trend in science, technology and innovations


No MQF Program Learning Outcome
PO1   Possess knowledge and understanding of chemical sciences.
PO2   Ability to design, conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data in relation to laboratory and research works.
PO3   Possess problem solving skills thru creative and innovative solutions.
PO4   Ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written forms.
PO5   Ability to work responsibly as a team.
PO6   Ability to undertake life-long learning and strive for continuous knowledge and professional development.
PO7   Possess business acumen and entrepreneurship.
PO8   Possess professional and ethical responsibility, and their obligation to the society.
PO9   Possess effective leadership quality with good interpersonal skills.
Year 1
  •  Organic Chemistry
  •  Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  •  Physical Chemistry
  •  Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  •  Analytical Chemistry
  •  Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  •  Inorganic Chemistry
  •  Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Year 2
  •  Instrumentation Method
  •  Instrumentation Method Laboratory
  •  Thermodynamics
  •  Separation Technique
  •  Materials Chemistry
  •  Materials Chemistry Laboratory

Year 3
  •  Organic Spectroscopy
  •  Organic Spectroscopy Laboratory
  •  Inorganic Chemistry Process
  •  Elective I
  •  Organic Chemistry Process
  •  Unit Operation
  •  Unit Operation Laboratory
  •  Final Year Project I
  •  Elective II
  •  Elective III

Year 4
  •  Advanced Intrumentation Technique
  •  Final Year Project II
  •  Elective IV
  •  Elective V
  •  Industrial Training


Career Information

  • Academician
  • Analyst
  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Chemist
  • Marketing and Sales Personnel
  • Manufacturing Officer
  • Process Development Chemist
  • QA/QC Executive
  • Research / Science Officer
  • Technical Service Personnel
  • Technopreneur
  • Any related positions.